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About Us

This Is Planet HiFi

We write about the world of consumer electronics audio and video. Our articles are about televisions, soundbars, projectors, speakers, home theater systems, amplifiers, and headphones.

Writing about audio and video is the most fun activity that we can have. We review all kinds of audio and video gear with complete independence from the manufacturer. We are not praising and adoring audio and video manufacturers, we do not just paste a bunch of useless statistics, and we avoid utilizing nerdy, unnecessary technical jargon unless we explain to you what it means.

We started this blog because we found out that many manufacturers publish their specifications, but when you actually use their products, their specs are wrong.

We also saw that they have very wild specification limits. This means that they consider fine and acceptable a wide range if values. Therefore, they “accept” manufacturing batches that are within their ranges (because their ranges are very wide), but for an audiophile, that would be a sign of bad quality.

See for example the dirty screen effect. “Well, yes, but this is within range” they answered us. So change your acceptance specs because your ranges are very wild wild, we say. They also said “You are forcing a lot the tests“. Look, we are testing it with the game Read Dead Redemption where the first missions from Arthur are in the snow so most of the screen is white. This is a standard usage of a screen, how are we forcing it? So tell the people that avoiding the dirty screen effect from factory is too expensive and does not make business sense. Tell people the truth.

Unbiased Reviews

We have freelance writers who are followers of Denon and buy their portfolio of products. So you will see a lot of Denon reviews. I also bought myself a Pioneer TV, so you will see these reviews and my old Pioneer Kuro. We have fans of Schiit products too. Therefore, you will see many discussions about Schiit architecture and stacks because this is what writers know and like to write. However, we try to be unbiased and objective as much as we can. We do not let this condition influence our reviews.

As we do not receive free products from any manufacturer, many of our reviews are based on our own products and the products bought or rented by the writer, so we do not have all the audio products as soon as they are launched.

We only have access to products manufactured in the United States or imported to the US, so we do not have many reviews of some artisan Italian or German handmade HiFi components, which you would deserve to know about too.

No-Gift Policy

Just as I explained above, we do not receive free products in exchange for a review. We only buy or rent high fidelity equipment. For that reason, we have less products reviewed than other websites. We rely on quality more than quantity.

Quality Of The Photos

We take pictures with an iPhone, so you will not see the high-quality pictures that other websites make. Our new pictures are better as we followed the guidelines from PhotoPoint (, which is a famous photography portal, and they have these procedures for making short-distance pictures with standard mobile phones. But the focal length is always a problem anyway. 

How We Make Money

We have advertisement spots on our site, and we receive a commission when a product is sold through us.

We do not decide which advertisement you will see because it is decided algorithmically by Google according to many factors, such as your location and other facets. They also decide the placement of the ad in the article.

Bob Ludwig

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We would love to hear your feedback about Planet HiFi. If you have any suggestions for improvements, corrections, or any other comments, you are welcome to get in touch. For general inquiries, you can email, post, phone, or use our contact form. For specific inquiries, see our Contact page.

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Address 5050 Quorum Drive, Suite 231 (75254) Dallas TX – t 888-0303-459 and Taunusstraße 33-35, Burö 506, Frankfurt am Main .

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