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Statement Against Slavery

PLANET HIFI does not tolerate modern slavery or human trafficking in our organization or in our supply chain of goods and services. 

We uphold universal human rights in our conduct, which outlines the standards that we expect of all of our employees. These universal human rights include freedom of speech and association, equal employment opportunity, and cultural, economic, and social well-being. Slavery in any form, servitude, forced or compelled labor, and any kind of human trafficking are categorically unacceptable to us, and we vigorously reject these labor practices.

PLANET HIFI is committed to addressing the issue of modern-day slavery by conducting an analysis of the potential for it to occur in our supply chain, conducting due diligence investigations of our vendors, and engaging in awareness-raising activities both internally and more broadly through our articles and events.

By getting individual business teams involved in the process of responding to these assessments, it is possible for those teams to gain an understanding of the risks that are associated with specific kinds of services and, as a result of their increased awareness, contribute to the fight against modern slavery in our supply chain both at the point of tendering and while the service is being provided.

We have verified that our supplier due diligence procedure is effective in preventing the association of our company with concerns pertaining to modern slavery and in rejecting suppliers who may not satisfy our standards in order to replace them with others when this becomes required.

Because of our principles, we respect the human rights of others as well as their dignity. We are in favor of universal human rights, such as the right to fair employment, freedom of expression, and association, as well as the promotion of cultural, economic, and social prosperity. We take a stand against any forms of labor that violate the law or are cruel, such as slavery, servitude, forced or compelled labor, and trafficking in people.

Our corporate rules were created with the intention of ensuring that all of our employees are treated in a fair and equitable manner. These policies address topics such as anti-discrimination measures, equal opportunities, and the maintenance of dignity in the workplace. We run a fair approach to recruiting in all areas and make it a point to guarantee that there is no discrimination at any stage of the hiring process, including the application phase and after an employee has been hired. We also have favorable policies covering maternity, paternity, and shared parental leave, where the legislative obligations are always satisfied and, in some circumstances, improved. Shared parental leave is the practice of both parents sharing equal time caring for their children.

PLANET HIFI purchases a wide variety of products and services from a wide variety of vendors. The vast majority of these suppliers are located in G-20 and OECD nations, namely in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and in Europe. These are the following:

  • services in printing, publishing, and distribution of our business cards, T-shirts, and other merchandise;
  • hotels and the reservation of event locations throughout the globe for our conventions and other gatherings;
  • A setup for taking product photography with products suggested by PhotoPoint ( and sourced in the United States
  • the acquisition of hardware and software for information technology, including Dell Latitude laptops and a Dell server with Amazon Web Services;
  • providing our offices located all over the globe with travel management and building services;
  • development of our company’s brands and marketing strategies for our goods and services;
  • recruiting and training, as well as providing customer service agents located in G-20 countries and freelancing editorial staff from writer platforms in the United States

Even though we work in very safe environments most of the time, we have found several potentially dangerous spots in our supply chain. This evaluation is based on two factors: the country risk, which refers to suppliers located in nations where the Global Slavery Index indicates that slavery is more prevalent; and the industry risk, which indicates that some of the industries in which we operate are more susceptible to slavery than others.

Consistently, we collaborate with divisions of the company that have been rated as having a medium risk in order to determine further actions that we can take, and that we are implementing, to reinforce our approach and guarantee that excellent working practices are maintained.