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No Gift Policy

Our readers rely on Planet HiFi for accuracy and objectivity, whether in the form of data, analytics, comparisons, or reviews. We have very firm values to offer our readers with our editorial guidelines, privacy, and sitemap transparency.

We also foster the best in our local community with our diversity policies and our position against modern slavery in our procurement of services.

As such, we believe it is imperative that the employees and members of our team refrain from any activity that appears to create a conflict of interest, any form of favoritism, or even the appearance of impropriety.

We do not receive your equipment in exchange for a review. We buy or we rent the equipment we review. We also use the audio studio from El Corte Inglés a couple of times. They allow us to go and test the equipment in their store and take pictures as a courtesy. Their HiFi managers are also audiophiles.

We do not receive presents or gifts from any third party with whom we do or wish to do, business. The only exception is for small presents of token value, such as branded notebooks and pens. Any gift beyond token value cannot be accepted. This includes books and bottles of alcohol. Candy, pastries, and local delicatessens can be accepted and consumed by the recipient in moderation.

Gifts to third parties must be given for a legitimate business purpose that is appropriate and customary, and must not be lavish or excessive. Gifts of cash and cash equivalents are strictly prohibited as well as against our terms. Offering gifts to government officials, including employees at all levels at state-owned and controlled companies, is not permitted. Employees are welcome to give our branded promotional items in moderation to third parties.