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Meet Our Team

We have a team of contributing writers in high fidelity equipment and some other consumer electronics. We will have a specialist in TVs too, who has his own TV and monitors blog.

Since 2020, we have only worked with freelance writers.  Contact us on Upwork to see when we have open positions. We protect freelance and staff collaborators according to our diversity policy.

We do not hire from countries that might engage in modern slavery as we have strict protocols against it. We follow also uncompromising standards for the careers of those who work with us. We expect the contributing freelance writers to become familiar with our strict editorial guidelines.

You are in safe hands: this is Planet HiFi

bob ludwig

R. Ludwig

Writer and General Content Editor.

I am Bob. I work as an audio engineer and audio technician. I work in mastering and arranging bridges in existing songs and the arrangement and orchestration of the chorus. In Planet HiFi I test gear for a couple of days and write a review. I also write about AV topics, amplifiers, speakers, and headphones.

I have a couple of articles about smart TVs. I am getting some knowledge in that area and learning a lot. Write me in the comments of the articles, because maybe I missed something that should be tested in a device.