My Schiit Stack Architecture

PCM vs Bitstream

In terms of the actual audio quality, whether you have the audio output configured via HDMI to PCM or Bitstream is not important. For audio, if you connect your Blu-ray Disc player to your home theater receiver via HDMI, there are two main audio output settings available: Bitstream and PCM (similar to LPCM, but not the same thing). In terms of actual audio quality, it does not matter if the HDMI audio output from your Blu-ray Disc player is set to PCM or Bitstream.

Wireless Speakers Devialet Phantom Gold

The missile shape on the cabinet is not a simple coincidence or the display of signature design. A round cabinet prevents upright bass waves. Moreover, it also manages better treble tones that move across the surfaces of a square cabinet, whereupon they are transmitted in all directions as they hit the edges of the cabin. Also known as diffraction, which creates distortion and an inaccurate stereo perspective.

1440p vs 4K

Not always 4K is the best option, just because it has a better optical resolution. Optical resolution is only one variable along with others. If you thought 1080p was sharp and plentiful, 4k is a fantastic experience to get into. If you are an editor or designer, screen real estate makes a big difference when it comes to workflow. You can fit much more in the screen, and you can multitask more efficiently.