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Advertiser Disclosure

We think that everybody should be capable of making sound choices. And, although our site does not showcase every high fidelity, audio, or video product accessible, we are happy that the advice we give, the information we supply, and the tools we provide are impartial, unbiased, transparent, and completely free.

You are our first priority.

So how do we make money?

We have advertisements filled out programmatically on our website by Google. We do not decide who advertises or where on our site, as this is decided algorithmically by Google according to several factors that we do not control.

Because the ads we show you have to be appropriate for the whole family, we have turned down political advertisers like NGOs and charity groups. Also, we dismissed ads about adult and sexual interest, tobacco, drugs, CBD, firearms, and gambling.

Furthermore, our associates compensate us for leads or referrals sent to their business. This does not influence the topics we write about as we also receive compensation for having ads. Our business partners, usually suppliers of goods and providers of services for business owners, have no effect on our recommendations or advice, which are based on many hours of study and compilation of costs and prices. Our sponsors may not pay us to ensure that their goods or services get positive evaluations.