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Denon AVC-X3700H

Denon AVC-X3700H: Details on the 9.2 channel AV receiver with HDMI 2.1 online

Denon’s 8K lineup begins with this model. The Denon AVC-X3700H with 9.2 channels is already equipped with HDMI 2.1 and can fall back on countless highlight features of the big brothers.

If you can do without some power and niche features such as Auro-3D, the AVC-X3700H is probably the best choice from the new 2020 AV lineup from Denon (1),  at least if you think about 8K / 60p or 4K / 120p to transmit video signals on a compatible TV or projector. 

The game consoles Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, which are available since late 2020, can serve as the source for this device.

But let’s start with the basics. The AVC-X3700H is a 9.2 channel AV amplifier (180-watt max) with 11.2 channel processing . Thus, 3D setups 7.1.4 (assuming external stereo amplifier) are possible.

Perfect for Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and their Height Virtualization technologies. Even the extended one IMAX Enhanced Format is on board.

So, this could be the right model for most users who can do fine without Auro-3D, which is supported in the AVC-X4700H, that we have reviewed here.

Denon AVC-3700H

HDMI 2.1 With eARC, VRR & ALLM

We really like what we see on the connection board of the AVC-X3700H. The connections for the active 9.2 amplifier outputs and the preamplifier connections are just one of the highlights.

The most important is the first row with the HDMI connections. 7 HDMI inputs are divided into 1x HDMI 2.1 and 6x HDMI 2.0. Two of the three are HDMI 2.1 capable. The new copy protection standard HDCP 2.3 is available for all connections. As noted, the new HDMI video section can process 8K / 60p and 4K / 120p signals with HLG, HDR10, HDR10 +, and Dolby Vision. The model also benefits from new features ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), QFT (Quick Frame Transfer) and eARC (enhanced audio return channel) . Something to complain about? Nothing!

Denon AVC-X3700H: Audio-Multitalent

When we work through the feature list, we notice the voice assistants Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri . Apple also provides AirPlay 2 functionality. Audio signals, e.g. from music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music HD, TIDAL, etc., can also be transmitted via WiFi or directly via Bluetooth to output devices (headphones, soundbars, speakers).

And if you want, you can create several zones for the playback of different content. One is watching a movie blockbuster with Dolby Atmos 3D sound in the living room while the partner in the garden is listening to his Spotify podcast on a HEOS speaker. The in-house multiroom technology HEOS is of course onboard.

Denon AVC-3700H

The Denon AVC-X3700H is usually controlled using the remote control included in the scope of delivery. If you want, you can control the AV receiver with the free Denon app in addition to the voice assistants. 

And even with the first steps, Denon doesn’t leave its customers alone. In order to get an optimal sound experience, the audio specialist delivers its amplifier including room calibration MultEQ XT32 (microphone included). You can even save two speaker configurations and select them at the push of a button.

Pricing & Availability AVC-X3700H

According to Denon, entry into the 8K / 60Hz and 4K / 120Hz league will be available from August 2020. Enough time to feed the piggy bank further, because for the AV amplifier AVC-X3700H 1,099 dollars are due at the counter.

Highlight Features Of The Denon AVC-X3700H

  • 9.2 channel AV amplifier with 180 watts (max)
  • 11.2 Channel processing
  • two DSP chips (Digital Sound Processor)
  • Dolby Atmos, DTS:X
  • Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization
  • DTS Virtual:X Height Technology
  • IMAX Enhanced
  • 8K/60Hz & 4K/120Hz Passthrough + Upscaling
  • HLG, HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision
  • 3 sources 3 zones (multiroom)
  • 7 HDMI inputs (1x HDMI 2.1 / all HDCP 2.3)
  • 3 HDMI outputs (2x HDMI 2.1 / 1x HDMI 2.0 all HDCP 2.3)
  • VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)
  • QFT (Quick Frame Transport)
  • ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)
  • WiFi-Audiostreaming
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • HEOS built-in
  • Bluetooth audio transmission (headphones / speakers)
  • 11.2 Preamp outputs
  • Phono input
  • Two subwoofer outputs
  • Two 12 V trigger outputs
  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple Siri
  • Optional app control
  • Roon-Tested
  • Audyssey room calibration MultEQ XT32
  • Two independent Audyssey settings profiles