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PCM vs Bitstream LG TV

PCM vs Bitstream For LG TV

In our guide about the PCM vs Bitstream discussion, we recommended that we should simply select “Auto” when working in a landscape with LG TV devices.

That argument in the guide might have sounded too simplistic because a home theater landscape can become quite complex and there are many hypotheses to consider, so let´s have a look at some scenarios.

Bitstream vs PCM For Dolby Atmos

The principles established in this article Bitstream vs PCM For Dolby Atmos apply of course to LG TV devices.

Bitstream should be preferred over PCM for Dolby Atmos through the option “Bitstream” or “Auto” in modern consumer home audio systems, with disregard for the brand.

Likewise, this is also the approach from the manufacturer, below.

LG Optical Audio or Multi-channel Audio Output. The Optical Digital Audio Output or HDMI/ARC Multi-channel Audio Output is available as PCM or Auto.

DTS Audio is not supported on LG Televisions before 2023.

PCM – Used for simple systems, sound bars or 2.1 systems.

Auto – Used for Dolby 5.1 systems.

PCM vs Passthrough

I am using the PCM vs Passthrough concept here, so let me explain easily what should we understand for them in the guide through the link

PCM converts analog audio signals to a digital audio format, whereas a Pass-Through lets the same signal “pass-throughthe device. Pass-Through allows audio and video signals to go from the source component to your receiver or your output device unchanged.