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Who Makes Pioneer TV

Who Makes Pioneer TVs?

Pioneer TVs were originally produced by Pioneer Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in digital entertainment products1. However, in recent years, Pioneer stopped producing TVs under their brand and turned to licensing agreements. The manufacturer currently behind Pioneer TVs is a Chinese company called TCL, one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world2.

The reason for Pioneer’s shift from producing their own TVs can be attributed to the competitive landscape of the television market. With many major players driving down prices and focusing on cutting-edge technology, it may have been difficult for Pioneer to stay competitive in the production aspect of the TV market3. By licensing their brand, Pioneer can focus on other areas of their business where they excel, such as home audio and automotive electronics4.

Below is a table that summarizes these changes:

Pioneer TVsManufacturerReason
Original Pioneer TVsPioneerJapanese multinational corporation producing TVs
Current Pioneer TVsTCL (China)Due to the competitive landscape and strategic focus5

To provide context, here is a table comparing Pioneer to other major TV brands and their corresponding manufacturers:

TV BrandManufacturerNationality
LGLG ElectronicsSouth Korea
SamsungSamsung ElectronicsSouth Korea
SonySony CorporationJapan
VizioVizio (China)USA

As demonstrated above, several well-known TV brands have global manufacturers, showcasing the diverse nature of the television market. It is important to mention that even if a TV brand is licensed or outsourced to another manufacturer, it does not necessarily compromise the quality, features, or performance of the product.

For more in-depth information on this subject, consider reading up on market trends and developments in the television market or the history of the Pioneer Corporation.


Pioneer TVs have been a notable brand in the television industry, offering high-quality displays and innovative technology. While the company originated in Japan and gained global recognition for its electronic products, many consumers often wonder who currently manufactures Pioneer TVs.

Pioneer TVs are now produced under license using locally sourced panels in China. This shift in production has allowed the brand to maintain its presence in the market while leveraging the manufacturing capabilities of Chinese partners. This collaboration has led to the development of new models, including smart TVs with built-in Amazon Fire TV.

Production LocationManufacturing LicensesTechnology Partner
ChinaLocally-sourced panelsAmazon Fire TV

In comparison to other well-known brands, Pioneer faces competition with different features and manufacturing origins. One example is the Toshiba TV brand, which is also produced under license and offers competitive pricing. The table below compares Pioneer and Toshiba TVs based on production location, manufacturing licenses, and technology partners.

BrandProduction LocationManufacturing LicensesTechnology Partner
PioneerChinaLocally-sourced panelsAmazon Fire TV
ToshibaVariousUnder licenseMultiple

These comparisons provide valuable insight for consumers in search of their next television purchase. Both Pioneer and Toshiba offer high-quality televisions with different features and production aspects, ultimately empowering buyers to choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences. As the television market continues to grow, consumers can expect even more diverse options and advancements from these established brands.

Pioneer TV Company

Pioneer Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in digital entertainment products. The company was founded by Nozomu Matsumoto in 1938 in Tokyo as a radio and speaker repair shop. Pioneer was once a major player in the TV market, particularly in producing high-quality plasma TVs. However, in 2013, the company decided to exit the TV business and focus on other areas within its organization.

Despite leaving the TV market, Pioneer made a comeback in 2014 through a joint venture with another company. In recent years, Pioneer has partnered with Amazon to create smart TVs with built-in Amazon Fire TV, enhancing their product offerings and reaching a wider audience.

Here is a brief overview of Pioneer’s history and associations in the TV market:

1938Pioneer Corporation founded
Pre-2013Major player in plasma TV market
2013Exits TV business
2014Returns to TV market through joint venture
2021Partners with Amazon for Fire TV integration

Comparing Pioneer’s venture in plasma TVs to their current offerings, we can draw a contrast in their focus and technology:

AspectPlasma TV EraCurrent Era
Primary TechnologyPlasma displaysLED-based 4K TVs
Market FocusHigh-end, enthusiast marketBroader audience
PartnershipsN/AAmazon (Fire TV integration)
Smart CapabilitiesLimitedBuilt-in Amazon Fire TV

Pioneer has shown adaptability in the rapidly evolving TV market, shifting their focus and partnering with reputable companies like Amazon to cater to the needs of modern consumers. Their current lineup of smart TVs provides an array of technologically advanced features, ensuring that they remain competitive in the industry.

Current Pioneer TVs

Pioneer has released several 4K Ultra HD TVs in the recent years. These Pioneer TVs offer high-quality visuals and audio capabilities to ensure an immersive viewing experience. One example is the Pioneer PN43951-22U, a 43-inch LCD (LED) 4K TV, notable for its advanced features such as HDR10, Dolby Vision, and DTS Virtual audio.

The specifications for some of the Pioneer 4K TV models, such as screen size, resolution, and supported technologies, are presented in the following table:

Screen SizeResolutionHDR10Dolby VisionDTS Virtual Audio
43 inches3840 x 2160YesYesYes

These Pioneer TVs have been welcomed back to the consumer market with the added functionality of Amazon Fire TV. This feature enables the user to access a wide variety of streaming content without the need for additional devices.

To provide context, the following table compares the specs of Pioneer 4K TVs to those of another popular brand’s 4K offerings:

BrandScreen SizeResolutionHDR10Dolby VisionDTS Virtual Audio
Pioneer43 inches3840 x 2160YesYesYes
Competitor43 inches3840 x 2160YesNoNo

This comparison highlights the advanced features provided by Pioneer 4K TVs, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to combining cutting-edge technology and exceptional visual quality.

In summary, the current line of Pioneer TV models showcases impressive specifications like 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and DTS Virtual audio. With these advanced features and the seamless integration of Amazon Fire TV, Pioneer TVs continue to provide a refined and captivating viewing experience for their users.

Are Pioneer TVs Good Quality?

Pioneer TVs were once known for their exceptional quality, particularly within their Kuro plasma TV line, often considered the best TVs in the market1. However, Pioneer exited the TV market in 2010 and sold its home electronics division to Onkyo2. Recently, Pioneer TVs have made a return featuring Amazon Fire TV capabilities3.

The quality of their new iterations is worth examining. Here is a brief overview of the specifications of the Pioneer TV 4K:

SpecificationPioneer TV 4K
Display typeLED
Screen sizes40″, 46″, 55″
Resolution4K UHD
Smart TVAmazon Fire

When comparing Pioneer TV 4K’s specifications with other popular TV brands, the following table highlights some differences and similarities:

BrandResolutionDisplay typeHDRSmart TV
Pioneer4K UHDLEDYesAmazon Fire
Samsung4K UHDQLEDYesTizen OS
Sony4K UHDLEDYesAndroid TV

While it is clear that Pioneer TV 4K offers competitive features such as 4K resolution, HDR support, and smart TV functionality, it remains essential to consider expert reviews and customer feedback to determine the overall quality. Additionally, factors like motion handling and dirty screen effect should be taken into account, as they impact viewing experience4.



Pioneer TV Remote

Pioneer is a well-known electronics company that has been producing quality audio and video equipment for decades. Their line of products includes televisions, and with these TVs come the essential accessory, the Pioneer TV remote. The remotes are designed to be user-friendly and provide easy control of the television’s features and functionality.

Pioneer TV remotes are typically made for specific models of TVs, ensuring a seamless experience when controlling your Pioneer television. Replacement remotes are also available, making it easy to maintain the functionality of your TV even if the original remote is lost or damaged. Some of the popular Pioneer TV remote models can be found at, and on Amazon.

Here is a simple table outlining some common features of Pioneer TV remotes:

CompatibilityDesigned for specific Pioneer TV models
ErgonomicsComfortable to hold and easy to use
Battery TypeCommonly use AA batteries
FunctionsComplete control over TV settings and inputs

To better understand the landscape of TV remotes, let’s compare Pioneer TV remotes with remotes from other popular TV brands:

BrandTV Remote Naming SchemeAdditional Features
PioneerModel-specific numberingCompatible with respective Pioneer TVs only
SamsungBN59 series, QLED remotesSome models have voice control
LGAN-MR series, Magic RemoteGesture control, voice control
SonyRMT-TX series, Voice RemotesVoice control, dedicated streaming buttons

In conclusion, Pioneer TV remotes are designed with the user in mind, offering compatibility with specific Pioneer TV models while providing an ergonomic design and intuitive functionality. With replacement remotes readily available, users can be confident about maintaining control over their televisions’ features.

Top TV Manufacturers

Among the top TV manufacturers in today’s market, we can find well-known companies such as TCL, Toshiba, Insignia, Hisense, RCA, Sharp, and Voxx International. The Pioneer TV brand, previously known for its quality production and innovative technologies, was acquired by Onkyo Corporation after Pioneer Corporation decided to exit the TV market. Now, TVs bearing the Pioneer name are made by various manufacturers under licensing agreements.

For example, Hisense produces TVs for the TCL and Sharp brands, while Toshiba outsources its TV production. Furthermore, Insignia TVs are produced under the parent company of Best Buy, making it an in-house brand.

To provide a clearer understanding, let’s take a look at various factors related to these companies’ television production.

ManufacturerBrands ProducedMarket ShareNotable Features
TCLTCL, Sharp13%Budget-friendly, Roku integration
ToshibaToshiba3.2%Affordable, Alexa integration
OnkyoPioneerHigh-quality sound
InsigniaInsignia2.4%Affordable, Fire TV integration
HisenseHisense, RCA7.2%Competitive pricing, Quantum Dot technology
Voxx InternationalVoxxVersatile range of products

Now let’s compare their market shares and competitiveness based on pricing and features.

ManufacturerMarket Share (%)Budget-FriendlyKey Feature
TCL13YesRoku integration
Toshiba3.2YesAlexa integration
OnkyoHigh-quality sound
Insignia2.4YesFire TV integration
Hisense7.2YesQuantum Dot technology
Voxx InternationalVersatile range of products

From the data presented, it is clear that TCL, Hisense, and Insignia are leading in market share due to their budget-friendly television options and latest technology integrations. On the other hand, Toshiba and Onkyo focus on providing exclusive features, such as Alexa integration and high-quality sound, respectively.

In regard to government and educational sources, you can find relevant information about these companies’ products and innovations from official sites like the Federal Communications Commission and Consumer Technology Association.

Regardless of the manufacturer, it is essential for consumers to research and choose the right television based on their specific needs, such as budget, desired features, and brand reliability.

Market Availability

Pioneer TVs have seen a resurgence in the market in recent years. In 2014, the brand returned to the TV market after a brief hiatus. Currently, Pioneer TVs are available in various regions including the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and some Asian countries, particularly South Korea.

One notable aspect of the recent Pioneer TVs is their integration with Amazon Fire TV, which makes them stand out from other options in the market. This feature provides customers with easy access to streaming services, television channels, and smart home functionalities. More information about this collaboration can be found in this announcement.

RegionAvailability of Pioneer TV
United StatesYes
United KingdomYes
South KoreaYes

The market presence of Pioneer TV can be compared to other popular brands such as Samsung, LG, and Sony. The table below shows the percentage of global sales for each brand, showcasing Pioneer’s position in the TV market.

BrandPercentage of Global TV Sales
PioneerAvailable Data

It should be noted that despite Pioneer’s market presence, the brand doesn’t have the same level of popularity in the US as other major brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony. However, their TVs offer an appealing alternative for consumers looking for a reliable and feature-rich option.

In conclusion, Pioneer TVs are now available in various regions, and their integration with Amazon Fire TV adds an attractive feature for potential customers.

Feature Comparison

Pioneer has recently stepped back into the TV market, offering a range of televisions which cater to various consumer preferences. With a focus on providing 4K Ultra HD displays, Pioneer also supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR formats. In fact, we can observe an excellent picture quality in Pioneer TVs, which can be attributed to their superior black level and high dynamic range performance.

When considering the different types of screens Pioneer is utilizing, we notice both OLED, LCD TV, LED TVs, and Full HD LED TVs among their lineup. While OLED technology offers deep blacks and a high contrast ratio, the affordability and versatility of LCD and LED TVs make them a popular choice for many consumers. Pioneer’s return to TV demonstrates a commitment to creating quality displays, including TVs with different technologies.

To better understand the features, we can compare the specifications of various Pioneer TV models:

Picture QualityExcellentGoodVery GoodGood
Black LevelExcellentAverageGoodAverage
High Dynamic RangeHighMediumHighMedium

To put these differences into perspective, let’s compare Pioneer TVs to Toshiba TV models:

Picture QualityExcellentGood
Black LevelExcellentGood
High Dynamic RangeHighMedium

As seen in the comparison, Pioneer TVs typically offer excellent picture quality, superior black levels, and high dynamic range. However, these features come at a higher cost compared to the more affordable Toshiba TVs.

In conclusion, Pioneer TVs have a range of different offerings, with a variety of excellent picture quality features and competitive prices. From OLEDs to Full HD LED TVs, consumers can find the perfect fit for their needs, without sacrificing on performance. The comparison with Toshiba TVs demonstrates Pioneer’s commitment to providing exceptional viewing experiences, though at a slightly higher cost.

Connectivity and Inputs

Pioneer TVs offer a variety of connectivity options and inputs to ensure a seamless entertainment experience. One important feature of these TVs is their support for HDMI inputs, which enable high-quality digital audio and video transmission. For instance, users can connect devices like Blu-Ray players or gaming consoles to the TV using an HDMI cable1. In addition to HDMI, these TVs also support other inputs such as component video, composite video, and RF connections for antenna or cable TV.

Bluetooth technology is another key aspect of Pioneer TV’s connectivity. With built-in Bluetooth, users can easily connect wireless devices such as soundbars, headphones, or speakers for a flexible and convenient audio experience. This feature allows for a clutter-free setup and easy integration with other home theater components.

Connectivity TypeSupported Inputs
HDMIMultiple ports
Component VideoYPbPr connections
Composite VideoRCA connections
RFAntenna or cable TV input
BluetoothAudio devices

To further demonstrate the advantages of Pioneer TVs, the following table compares their connectivity and input options with a competitor’s TV model:

FeaturePioneer TVCompetitor TV
HDMIMultiple portsMultiple ports
Component VideoYPbPr connectionsYPbPr connections
Composite VideoRCA connectionsRCA connections
RFAntenna or cable TVAntenna or cable TV
BluetoothBuilt-inRequires adapter

As shown in the comparison, Pioneer TVs offer comparable or superior connectivity options compared to a competitor’s model. The built-in Bluetooth capability differentiates Pioneer TVs, providing users with a more convenient and versatile entertainment experience.


  1. How to Connect HDMI Inputs to Your Pioneer Plasma – Techwalla

Pricing and Affordability

Pioneer TVs are known for their quality, and the resurgence of the brand in recent years has brought a new range of products to the market. A notable model is the Pioneer TV 4K 2021, which is considered the best television in the 0-500 dollar range with a retail price of a nationwide average of $330. This 43-inch model was rebranded by Amazon and Best Buy in a joint venture, offering an affordable option for consumers.

The collaborative effort with Amazon has led to Pioneer TVs being integrated with Amazon Fire TV, providing additional features and functionality compared to traditional TVs. Amazon offers Pioneer TVs along with other major retailers like Best Buy.

To better understand the pricing, the table below highlights the average price of Pioneer TV models:

Pioneer TV 4K 2021 (43-inch)$330

Comparing Pioneer to another popular TV brand, Toshiba, the following table showcases a price comparison:

PioneerTV 4K 2021 (43-inch)$330
Toshiba4K 2022 (43-inch)$370

According to an in-depth comparison between Pioneer and Toshiba TVs, choosing one brand over the other may be difficult as the specifications of both are quite similar. However, Pioneer TVs have consistently received positive reviews for their quality and competitive pricing.

For the successor of the iconic Pioneer Kuro we have a complete Pioneer TV review, including the review for the Pioneer 55-inch model. We have a complete review of its latest iteration, now manufactured by another company, and its specifications analysis. We have also compared Pioneer vs Insignia TV to see which of these trendy brands have the latest top 4K models.