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1440p 60FPS

1440p 60FPS

We have studied the 1440p resolution thoroughly here. This is an analysis of a very common configuration 1440p at 60 frames per second. For this, we need to understand the combination of CPU ad GPU.

Is 60FPS At 1440p Good?

1440p 60 FPS is a standard framework for high-performance video depiction combining a GPU and a CPU.

In case you don’t care for competitive games and prefer an immersive single-player experience, 1440p will provide you with a better picture quality – just ensure your PC can maintain at least ~60FPS in the latest titles.

you need to aim for high frame rates as well as pumping up graphics options and increasing the resolution to enhance your gaming experience. And 100 FPS at maximum detail on 1440p would be better than 20 FPS on 4K. You need to consider response time, resolution, refresh rates, and sync tech.

70fps is good. Anything over 60fps on most monitors is actually so good that the monitor can’t display it. If you consistently get over 60fps, consider turning on vsync so the screen doesn’t tear because the game’s so fast.

Is 60 FPS Good?

Whereas the CPU indicates the achievable FPS, the GPU indicates the graphical settings that can be achieved.

Therefore, considering the GPU, a 144hz screen will be more demanding than a 60hz panel if the user intends to achieve 144 FPS with disregard of the consideration of the graphical processing unit.

Hence, 144hz 1080p requires technically more CPU potency than for example 4K resolution at 60hz. It is not possible to define that 1080p at 144Hz is like 1440p at 60Hz because CPU and GPU have to be considered separately in the evaluation of a video framework.

is 4k 30fps better than 1080p 60fps

Because there are more frames per second, a 60fps video is more likely to capture twice as much underlying data as the 30fps. The other benefit of choosing a 60fps video speed is that you can slow down the video while keeping a higher quality of slow motion.

For filming real estate video or something that needs a lot of editing (especially speed ramps), I prefer 1080p 60fps. It makes editing much smoother and looks fine on YouTube and mobile applications like Instagram and Zillow.

Shorter clips that don’t require a lot of editing can be shot in 4k. Landscape, nature, and sunset shots look great in 4k. Specifically slower speed pull back and reveal shots.

4k File sizes are much larger, and take longer to export. You need a beastly editing machine to edit a long 4k piece, with lots of RAM and disk space. Of course you should have a 4k monitor as well.

Although most people don’t have 4k compatible TVs yet, they will in the near future. 4k 30fps is good to use for those times you really want to see all the details in a video

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