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Sennheiser HD595 Review

Sennheiser HD595 Review

The Sennheiser HD 595 is an open (5), dynamic stereo headphone (1). Due to the included headphone holder for shelf and table mounting, it is ideal for use in the home cinema or stereo system (2) (4). The color of the Sennheiser is rather limited, it is only available in one this black and silver-tone you see in the pictures (3).

Sennheiser still has these headphones for sale. However, currently, they are much cheaper, and still, you have a Sennheiser. As they are also selling spare parts for the Sennheiser HD595, I believe you can still purchase one of them now and pay much less.

We determine that the Sennheiser HD595 headphone outputs an excellent quality of sound, has spare parts available from the manufacturer and is a good choice for your home theater or for gaming. However, they are not well insulated, so they are not recommended to use in locations with background noise as it will filtrate easily inside.

It is true that open headphones allow some external noise to mix with the headphones output. Nevertheless, the filtration was just too much in our test.

Likewise, you may disturb others if you use them in an office, because of these filtrations. You have to determine the places where you would be using it to ensure if this is a purchase suitable to your requirements.

My test for this review was performed on the train and in the subway, wherein these filtrations were discovered. The test at home was done using the Schiit stack and the Schiit Magni 3 as the solid-state headphone amplifier. Nevertheless, an amplifier is absolutely not needed with the Sennheiser HD595.

The Sennheiser HD 595s offers a powerful sound and is relatively cheap. The open housings of the ear cups provide good sound, but also poor sound insulation. As a result, not only do others listen to music, noise also penetrates inside. As a result, the headphones are only of limited use for offices and the train. However, this does not apply to the living room or the home theater for the aforementioned reasons.

Design Of The Sennheiser HD595

The Sennheiser HD595 looks high-end at first glance. The headphones are strongly reminiscent of what air traffic controllers normally wear on their heads. The two massive ear cups hang from a ready arm and are equipped with thick fabric cushions for a comfortable fit. The thick cushions of the Sennheiser HD595 ensure a comfortable fit.

The outside of the loudspeaker housings consists of a black metal grille with the Sennheiser logo printed on it. A chrome strip runs around the outside, which ensures a noble look – or at least tries. Because the turquoise-green plastic of the rest of the case cannot convince us.

Sennheiser HD595

Scope Of Delivery

The scope of delivery of the HD595 includes a headphone holder, which can be mounted on tables, shelves, or any other smooth surfaces. The holder makes a very solid impression. Yes, just as you read, the Sennheiser HD595 HiFi headphones come with a clever headphone bracket that easily attaches to a table or shelf, making sure that the headphones are always at hand.

The Sennheiser really is comfortable. The ear cushions comfortably padded, but the headband also has extra padding. Many setting options ensure that the Sennheiser HD595 can be made “suitable” for every head. At 270 grams (a bit more than half a pound), however, it is not a lightweight.

During our test, we ensured that we get rid of the bad habit of carelessly throwing the headphones somewhere on the desk after work. Just mount it somewhere on the hi-fi cabinet, hang up the headphones, done.

There is also a 6.35 to 3.5-millimeter blade adapter in the box, which enables connection to MP3 players or PCs without additional accessories. At 3 meters, the cable is more than long enough for most requirements. But if you plug the headphones into a mobile player in your pocket, you will probably find the cable too long, so you will have to put a part of the cable in your pockets.

The Sennheiser HD 595s sound smashing, and come at an accessible price. The open-back design has many benefits in terms of sound quality, but it does mean these headphones are very leaky, both in terms of your music leaking out and ambient noise leaking in, so they may not be perfect for commuting or noisy offices. Think about where you plan on using them before buying

The sound quality of the Sennheiser is brilliant. If you use the headphones at home, you can hardly get a better product for this price. However, it is not particularly suitable for use in the office or in public places because its shielding leaves something to be desired.

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Clarid Mutchler

Sunday 28th of November 2021

Given the name of the website and title of the article, I came here looking for an informed review of these headphones. I'm instead disappointed in having learned nothing outside of "these sounds pretty good" and reduced to increasing agitation at the INCESSANT mention of sound leakage. We get it, move on move on move on, already! They're open backs. This is a site called planet hifi. The author claims profession in audio technician and mastery, so why this constant surprise of an open back headphone with a five mile long cable being bad for public use? Hahaha